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i still can’t believe we’re on TV! TLC, Tuckerville & GRBTV have been sooooo good to us! what a ride this haz been so far! last nitez episode wuz put together so well and it featured locash cowboys so much! let me tell you….it wuz a blast being at tanya’z crib in that episode…& it wuz truly an honor to have her call us and ask us to come out to the ranch and help presley! i watched the show with Lefty Biggz….the guitarist who wuz with chris & i in the show….we went over to hiz houze and camped out in front of the TV so that we could have a front row seat for all the Tuckerville craziness! for thoze of you who may not know…Lefty co-wrote and co-produced the theme song “My Life in Tuckerville” with us for the show. AND….if you look in our MUSIC section in our website…you’ll find that he co-wrote many of the original locash songz you’ll hear while snoopin around in there. If you like Prezident’z Daughterz, T.Shurt, Hotlittlecutiepiesexythang, or Livin It Upp…then you’ll love to get to know Lefty Biggz! he’z one of our best bro’z and is a very important part of the locash sound, vizion, plan, past, present, and future. WOW! this haz all been such a whirlwind….people are starting to recognize uz from the show and the bookingz are already starting to roll in for ‘06. we’re already talking to Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kansas, Missouri, & Florida! i seriously lay awake at nite and thank God for making this all possible…it all seemz to be moving fast….the buzz is definitely out in nashville…and it seemz like other statez are wanting to get in on the action by booking us at their eventz! i’m not sure if you’ve been to our online store yet or not…but it is really coming together. we’ve got some new itemz up and i want to thank all of you who have already purchazed some new locash gear and music. if you looked at our schedule….we’re gearin up for Salt Lake City….the whole band is flying out EARLY wednezday morning…and we’ll be out there rockin out utah/locash style until saturday! this trip is gonna be a blast. bobbie sue, our electric guitar player, haz never been to SLC before…so he’z pumped and the rest of the band is super excited to get on that plane as well. i have a feeling ‘06 is gonna get crazy wild….so everyone hold on tight…..cuz we’re gonna take you for a WILD LOCASH RIDE!

Posted by Preston

Wild Louisiana Night

Where do i begin….i wanna start from 930pm on saturday night…we were backstage…getting ready to come out and it wuz time for prayer. we alwayz say a group prayer before every show & that is where i’m starting this entry. it wuz a chilly night so we were all sort of dressing a little warmer than usual…long sleeve shirtz….jacketz….welll..everyone except me since that’z the way i dress everyday…LOL….anyway….my dad wuz with us so he said the prayer…and it wuz very special becuz all the chairmen of the board in washington parish were with us inthe circle…so ti wuz extra special……anyway….the prayer ended and suddenly…ALL the lightz went out! it wuz crazy cuz i thought something went wrong……but….it wuz part of the show…..we were the headliner so when all the lightz went out…everyone started screaming in the audience and it really got us all pumped up backstage.. Rocky (our drummer) slipped thru the back wall on stage and jumped on the drumz…all alone…he just started rockin out a drum solo….and everyone in the audience started screaming even louder….it wuz so cool! then our band ran on stage…plugged in and started rockin the intro to Luv A Nite Like That….and the audience got even louder… it wuz time for chris & i to run out there….and i’m telling you….just seeing the smile on our facez back there wuz pricelezz…..we’ve worked so hard for momentz like theze….we’ve dreamed a lot of nightz of momentz like thiz…..the crowd wuz goin crazy and we couldn’t wait to get out there and sing our buttz off…dance or bootiez off…and get everyone in louisiana goin buck wild! let me tell you….ti got crazy fast! i don’t ever remember the pace of the show letting up….the energy wuz set so high that night! what a night…..what a crazy night…..we were only supposed to perform for an hour…..and i think we rocked for over 2 hourz!
it wuz a special night…and i’m so happy that PapaShot got to see it LIVE !!!!!!! thank you louisiana for an amazing night. you’ll never know how much that meant to the locash cowboys!

Posted by Preston

Louisiana Saturday Night

the washington parish free fair is definitely goin down in history as one of the coolest placez we’ve done a show. the folkz down there are unbelievable in so many wayz! not only were they on their feet for 2 straight hourz screaming and dancing at our concert…but they stood in the longest coldest line after the show until 2 or 3 am just so we could all meet and hang out afterwardz! that wuz such a big night for us…first off we had Tuckerville premiere all over national television…so i think our emotionz were running high due to that….but then…it wuz the first time we ever HEADLINED on a Sat night mainstage for a huge festival! it wuz incredible! the people in louisiana were so good to us. we didn’t want to leave…in fact…we are already researching optionz for coming back down sooner than next october for the next locash show. hint hint…maybe even something for new yearz eve??? hmmmmm….we’ll have to see what pannz out….i hope it workz out though..cuz we love being down there. i’m gonna journal more afterwhile all about the show…but i’ve gotta jet into the studio for a quick recording session this morning. i’ll be back in a while. bottom line is: WE LOVE LOUISIANA & WE WANNA COME BACK! i hope they all know how much they mean to us down there.

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i can’t believe today is finally here! we’ve been workin on this show since july! tonight is the premiere of Tuckerville at the wildhorse saloon and we are the LIVE entertainment at it! it’z gonna be huge…they’re flying in everyone from TLC ….NY & LA….and the atmosphere is gonna be soo incredible….i can’t wait. we’re so blessed to be part of something so cool…i’m gettin ready to go get some starbuckz…relax my mind a little bit…and then it’z off to load in & soundcheck at noon. everyone has worked so hard on this project….tanya, presley, grayson, layla, tiff, rePete, duff, our band, the whole grbtv staff & crew,lefty biggz, joe hendrix…..and list goez on & on & on! ya’ll are awesome and the locash cowboys love you. thank you in advance for an awesome night and an incredible experience.

Posted by Preston

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